My Favorite - John Gilbert

Aspens In Snow

Fall River Area: Aspen trees, an icon of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, have leaves that transform into brilliant gold and yellow with autumn. Also known as “Quakies”, the pillar-like trunk and full foliage can hold a focal point or compliment any landscape design. Aspens offer an effective means to grow natural boundaries, defining landscape, and the beauty of Colorado

Aspens are on the “FireWise Plant List” published by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension. This tree is considered to be fire resistant when choosing a species for planting near homes and outbuildings.

With a little consistent attention, an aspen can easily reestablish it’s root system with a propensity to grow saplings in a short period of time; a characteristic which enables a singular tree to become a grove of trees. Any unwanted saplings can be managed with a lawn mower or clippers.

An aspen has the capacity to absorb one ton of carbon from the atmosphere over its lifespan. Scientists have said that planting trees is the cheapest most effective way to deal with global warming. We encourage anyone to plant this great icon of the Rockies: the quaking aspen.


From Colorado 2017