My Favorite - John Gilbert

Pine Marten #4

I fell in love with this image because it shows the detail and color of the pelt. Sadly these animals are trapped for their pelt. I searched the net for pelts and to my horror, there are numerous sites that offer these and other pelts for sale. Pine Marten pelts can sell for anywhere from $70 to $130 per pelt. I find it hard to believe that in this day of technology and our ability to manufacture similar man-made products like this that we have a need to hunt and kill these and other animals for their pelts or hides. I am not opposed to hunting and support it if it is done for the food but not if its sole purpose is to provide expensive clothing for the wealthy. Just my opinion. I am going to post a link to one such web site just to show the market for various animal hides.


From Sax-Zim Bog