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Welcome to Moments, Memories, and Time a journal of my photography. Click on the “Home/Guest Book Page” and you will be directed to a slideshow of sunrises and sunsets. Also don't forget to sign in under comments. Here you will see some photos not featured in my galleries. Click on “About Me” to learn a little bit about me and the type of equipment I use. Click on "Home/Guest Book" to see a slide show of sunsets and sunrises and while you are there please sign my guest book. Now click on "Landscape" to view albums of Landscapes by travels, or "Nature" for albums of animals, plants, and the Memphis Zoo. The "Other" album represents places, buildings, and things. As I add new photos I put them in the "New Photos" section so click on that tab but hurry because I will move them to folders soon. The Gallery #2 tab will take you to another web gallery, which I consider more professional. Finally clicking on Gil-bear will bring you back to the main menu. I hope you enjoy my work and thanks for stopping by. "john gilbert"